There are no bad times, only good stories

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feelinghellastabby asked: You are missed on here :(

Awww. :( Yeah tumblr hasn’t really made it into my regular internet use again.  I’m about to be unemployed though so maybe that will help.

Also I wanted to do like memoir writing stuff and I’ve been having mixed ideas about exactly how I want to approach things. Sooo that’s where I’m at with tumblr.

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The holidays always bring people out of the woodwork.  In the past week I have been contacted by:

Recent Ex who I’m still in love with, who drunk dialed to tell me he’s still in love with me. Haven’t talked to him on the phone in over 6 months.

A guy I used to have sex with in exchange for drugs, who I haven’t heard from in over a year

The guy with whom I had a one night stand the week after Major Ex dumped me. 

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I am going to write a book. And that book is going to be interviews with everyone I’ve ever dated so they can tell me what’s wrong with me that I can’t be in a relationship.  It’s going to be really good.

This post brought to you by the 19349th lame date I’ve been on.  

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It is such bullshit that women feel guilty for telling a man “no” about anything. If I don’t want you to email me 10 times a day to check in, I shouldn’t feel guilty about that.  Ugh.  If a girl was doing that, the guy would be like, “This crazy bitch won’t leave me alone.”  Instead I’m getting Nice Guyed with “Is it wrong for me to care about what’s going on with you?”

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